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Would you be interested in story time?

If yes:

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Age of the “kiddos” who want to participate:

Pick a day: Tuesday morning 10 A.M. – 11A.M.

Tuesday evening 5P.M. – 6P.M.

Wednesday evening 5P.M. – 6P.M.

Saturday morning 9A.M. – 10A.M.

The day that is the most popular pick will be the primary date; if there is a tie then we can decide if two different times would work better.

(if enough interest is shown then we can plan the reading material and other details)

We are needing apprx. 10 kiddos/families to make this a successful venture! 3 more to go!
When we reach 10 we will reevaluate & choose which day or days to have story time.

Snacks and drinks will be provided!

Thank you!

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